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Welcome! I am a watercolor artist who specializes in dog subjects. This is my webpage which features my Cavalier paintings. I spent a lot of effort and money in providing this artwork here on this website, so . . . I hate to have to ask this outright, but would you please consider buying notecards or ordering a dog painting from me instead of just taking pictures off my webpages for your personal use such as Pinterest or social media websites? Artists like me need actual, real financial support by those who like our art, and that pretty much means we need you to buy something you like, not just copy it. You can find out how to order a portrait by going to my home page, .   Or scroll down this page to see my Cavalier items.

CAVALIER NOTE CARDS - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Note Cards                              

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
notecards, in full color. These Tricolor, Black and Tan, Blenheim, and Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel notecards have glossy fronts, and are made with four-fold gray parchment. Matching gray parchment envelopes. Cards measure 4.25x5.5 inches.

WHAT'S IN STOCK: I do have some small quantities of these cards still available as single cards - $3.00 each ppd. - please call to order. You may then pay with check, or with your credit card via PayPal.

When you call, if possible, please don't leave a phone message about this; it's best to keep trying and reach me in person. The quantities I have in stock vary, and while you're on the phone I'll check to see if I have what you want. You can then pay with PayPal, or send a check.   Thanks ---Janet

Cavalier note cards feature paintings by Janet Wissmann. These beautiful cards have glossy fronts and are made of four-fold gray parchment. An unbelievably good price for such high-quality cards. Quantity discounts for fundraising or wholesale are available.

In Disgrace - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

In Disgrace - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Watercolor Painting
Image size: 11.5x17"
Finished (matted) size: 18x24Charles Burton Barber's original painting over a hundred years ago showed a little terrier puppy under this little girl's skirts. Watercolorist Janet Wissmann thought that, for Cavalier owners, it might look better with a sympathetic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy--and it does! This is the original watercolor painting by Janet.
You can see there is a broken glass bud vase and a rose nearby on the floor... and the story unfolds.
Janet writes, "I enjoyed painting this one.  The little Blenheim pup turned out to be a perfect choice as a sympathetic companion. And the gradual buildup of multiple glazes on the walls resulted in a beautiful study of pastel blues, greens, ochres and siennas. This painting simply glows!" (Be sure to click on one of the little pictures below because the color is truer and the clarity is better than in the larger top photo.) Janet will be delighted to email you more photos of this painting. Please phone for information.  Original Watercolor Painting, "In Disgrace -Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" Contact information / how to purchase this original » 

Click pictures to enlarge details further.

Click on pictures above to enlarge for detail.
Framing of this original - "In Disgrace" Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Original Watercolor Painting - includes acid-free conservation matting, brass title plate and oak-finish frame. Top mat is marbled yellow-cream; inner mat is dark rust suede. Click on picture at left to enlarge. Janet will be glad to send more photos of the framed original upon request.

PRINT PRODUCTION OF THIS IMAGE / FUND RAISING POSSIBILITIES - The artist has been asked many times by Cavalier King Charles Spaniel fanciers if prints of this painting will become available. The artist isn't currently interested in personally funding a printing project of this size, but if you are a member of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club or other organization which is looking for ways to fund-raise, please consider contacting Janet directly to discuss fundraising possibilities using this original (or regarding a licensing agreement for prints or other products for fundraising).
This Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Painting by Janet L. Wissmann is based on the 1896 painting by Charles Burton Barber, which showed a terrier puppy under the little girl's skirt. It's much better now! Prints of this Cavalier King Charles watercolor painting are for sale. I have also painted the other painting of a little girl in the corner with the dog (that Charles Burton Barber did), but with four new breeds: belgian tervuren, bernese mountain dog berner, great pyrenees pyrenean mountain dog, and newfie newfoundland dog.
Commission a Watercolor Portrait of your own dog !
Original Watercolor Portrait of a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
"Ruby" -Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Original Watercolor Pet Portrait
This is one of my hand-painted watercolor pet portraits. If you think you might be interested in an original hand-painted watercolor portrait of your Cavalier, I invite you to go go here to learn more about my commissioned pet portrait service. My paintings are of the highest quality; they are hand-painted with watercolors, and they require a lot of time and layers of paint.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Notecards by artist Janet Wissmann are absolutely beautiful.

Janet L. Wissmann, Watercolorist - Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
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